Four tips for choosing flooring

Four tips for choosing flooring

Because of advancing technology, each flooring material is more versatile today than ever before. Therefore, you may be surprised by the number of flooring options that fit your lifestyle and room decor.

Follow the tips below when you begin your flooring upgrade at Perfect Choice Flooring, a flooring company located in Tampa, Florida.

1. Some flooring brands are designed with pets in mind.

If you have a pet, look for highly stain-resistant flooring backed by a pet-friendly warranty. Rather than staining these tough floor coverings, occasional pet accidents are easy to remove. Carpeting and luxury vinyl are two of the best materials for a household that includes animals.

2. Any material can accommodate a moisture-prone home space.

Moisture-resistant olefin carpeting is a good choice for basement new floors, while waterproof luxury vinyl is suitable for all levels of a home. Because of its makeup, engineered wood can be installed in moisture-prone areas. Waterproof laminate brands are another excellent option for living areas.

3. Neutral colors are pretty varied rather than limited and boring.

Gray has become THE neutral color, and since shades range from very light to very dark, there is always a hue that complements your decorating style.

Of course, blue shades tend to complement most room decor, too, and the same can be said about subtle earthy tones or colors found in nature.

4. Luxury vinyl new floors are a stress-free covering that adapts to your needs.

If 'practical' and 'low-maintenance' is as vital as 'attractive,' choose luxury vinyl planks or tiles. The best brands have a thick surface layer that guarantees that the wood, stone, ceramic, or concrete image will look new for many years. Further, these brands tolerate standing water.

We will bring the flooring to you!

Family-owned Perfect Choice Flooring installs all types of flooring in homes and businesses in Tampa and nearby areas on the Florida Gulf Coast. We offer other services, too, like area rug binding. Please stop by our flooring store in Tampa or make an appointment for a visit from our mobile showroom.